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How does HoneyDo work?

A HoneyDo is a Home Project be it Home Repair, Construction, Gardening etc.

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We are a do it yourself rental community

HoneyDo has all you need to get your next project or business rolling

Want to do HoneyDo's for others? Whether you are starting your own lawncare business, construction business, or automotive shop, look to us. If you just need to get your next project done we are that place as well. You can rent the tools and equipment you need with us.

Or become a vendor and share your tools and equipment with your local community and make money. Either way it is profitable to you.

If you want to be a tool vendor, just click this button below to get started. Fill out the form and one of our team members will get back with you.

We use PayPal and Stripe

As we expand our reach and services we will include other options for payments and services. For now we are sticking to these proven platforms. Vendors may choose to use either method.

We accept all major credit cards using these technologies.

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Our Service

Honeydo Tools and Equipment Rentals is an online marketplace for people who need to rent automotive, construction and home and garden tools and equipment. Many times chores such as pressure washing the house, digging fence posts, making a ditch, grading a driveway, replacing tile in a bathroom require special tools. 

Three types of customers make up our marketplace, vendors, entrepreneurs and members. Vendors are your business neighbors, people with tools and equipment in good shape not being used. Members are those who need tools for their HoneyDo project. Entrepreneurs seek to start a small business using vendor rented tools.

We have them in our market. If you need something and do not see it, please fill out the request form below.

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Our marketplace depends on vendors

If you have extra tools and equipment for your construction, automotive or landscaping business, consider us. We can help find renters for your tools and put extra cash in your pocket. You set the price and determine if the equipment is rented per day, week or month. Make sure to take a good photo and describe the tool or equipment being rented. (Note: HoneyDo charges a 7% fee for all transactions. It is how we keep the lights on as a company.)

Getting Started

To Bee a HoneyDo Vendor

We require all providers to fill out our form below. We will then send over a provider's agreement made by our lawyer in our beehive.

You can fill out the provider form below here.