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Seeking to provide inspiration and knowledge to the do it yourself community.

At HoneyDo we strive for two things with our Newsletter:

To provide curated quality knowledge to our Do It Yourself Community
To inspire our HoneyDo renters to take on new projects for their home.

We know there is big shortage of labor in the construction and home improvement market. With many unskilled workers being sourced by companies to work and complete jobs consumers have to step back and gauge how quality has changed. With costs rising to complete home improvement there should be alternative routes to doing it yourself. High volume chain stores offer equipment that price out many Do It Yourselfers as they must also calculate equipment and supplies cost. This can heighten the stakes to undertake a project and push people to contract out work that could be done by a Do It Yourselfer. We want to break this current trend/ model with our offering at HoneyDo.

Every week/weekday we will bring you great videos and articles pertaining to Home Construction, Automotive/ Industrial and Outdoor Home and Garden. Our Newsletter is a way for us to give back to all of you who have a home and family to take care of.

If you have any suggestions for our newsletter please email us @ Newsletter@honeydotools.com

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