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We answer your questions here.

We are here to support the Do It Yourself Community in your neighborhood.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. This list will be updated periodically as more questions roll in. We want to make sure you get the best possible experience on our website.


We answer your most common questions here.

Do you want to help your neighbor prosper or a big conglomerate which only cares about profits? HoneyDo exists to help the community. Each rental benefits a business owner who wants to help you out with their tool and equipment inventory. The more you rent local, the more you benefit your neighborhood.

We act as middlemen, ensuring providers and renters/buyers are real people on the marketplace.  We have both legal counsel and insurance professionals to help mitigate damages that might incur. Renters are encouraged to buy additional insurance from our provider for each rental. We are currently working on providing our own insurance for every vendor on our platform.
Vendors have no fees with HoneyDo Tools. All fees are settled with PayPal Merchant Fees. Here is a link to all fees associated with PayPal. (https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees) We collect a 7% fee from all rentals and purchases. This is what it costs for us to provide legal, insurance, marketing, operations and technology. The minimum rental is $10.00 USD
Renters can simply use their bank account, credit/debit card or PayPal account to make payments. Currently we are focused on using PayPal and Stripe as our primary means of payment. All vendors must have a bank account or PayPal account.
At this current time, no. We want to focus on our business model of vendors providing the equipment and tools to Do It Yourself people. In the future, we will consider adding this feature in if there is enough demand. Please fill out a request here (https://honeydotools.com/requests)
Currently we are based out of Georgia. We want to encompass the globe with our message of bringing communities together. We will be focused on Tennessee, Texas, Arizona and Georgia in 2022 with hopes to include all 50 states and beyond within the next 2 years.
We encourage the vendor to find a way to transport the equipment. Additional fees for transportation should be discussed and put into each rental. The renter may discuss this directly with the vendor on the platform if they have an account on our platform. All renters must create an account on our platform.
We screen our vendors and renters on our marketplace, ensuring they adhere to our Vendor/Renter agreement. We hold on to the money until the transaction is complete. We have a 24/7 support line and email support as well Support@honeydotools.com or 1-800-600-8138
We focus on Do It Yourself projects where each project is explains in detail. Our blog and weekly newsletter exists to inspire the community and provide curated content relevant to Home Repair and Home Building activities.
Yes, but it must make sense on the platform. We encourage our providers to post rental items first and foremost. But if you are renting chainsaws for a lengthy period of time, we would encourage providers to offer additional chains and blades for the saw that would be sold separately. We approve of every listing, buying or renting.