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We are a Small Business and Do It Yourself Community and Marketplace

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We love our community and believe in providing curated, quality content. We focus on construction projects, home and garden and automotive. 


For your next HoneyDo project you can rent equipment from local businesses and individuals for a fraction of the cost to own. 

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Put your tools and equipment to work for you. Earn money while we do the rest. Sign up today and take pictures of your tools and equipment. 

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We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Business

We take pride in American values and our way of life. We proudly served and we hope you will support us.

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At HoneyDo we strive to help people with our Newsletter.

Our newsletter provides curated quality knowledge to our Small Business and Do It Yourself Community
We want to inspire our HoneyDo renters to take on new projects for their home.
We also want to encourage people to start up Small Businesses in Construction, Automotive, Landscaping and more.
Our focus is on homes and the family in all we do.
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